Dental Emergencies

Life is difficult as it is; do not let your dental emergency get in the way! We are here to help.

At Montgomery Dental Centre, we believe every dental emergency has the right to be seen in a timely manner. That’s why we offer same-day emergency bookings and will not refuse to see a patient in pain or discomfort. We will attempt our level best on any given day to treat your emergency. Although we cannot promise that we can complete treatment that same day, we will assess your emergency and provide an appropriate plan moving forward.

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Some common dental emergencies include, but are not limited to:

  • Abscess: Any pimple-like swelling around the gums can be a serious issue and requires immediate attention before the infection and swelling can spread. An abscess is caused by a bacterial infection, and if there is pus oozing, please book an appointment immediately to assess the cause of the infection.
  • Toothache: A toothache can come in many different forms. You should come in for an assessment when a particular tooth provides a level of pain that is constant and lingering. Some common symptoms include:
    • Eating or drinking something cold and the pain on a particular tooth lasts for minutes
    • Having a constant dull aching and throbbing from a particular tooth
    • Losing sleep at night because of the pain from the tooth
    • Feeling tender to biting and feeling higher than the other teeth
    • Experiencing soreness in the gums surrounding the teeth
    • Feeling pus coming out from the gums


If you experience any of the above symptoms or any similar problems, please schedule an appointment and describe your symptoms so our friendly team can schedule you in for an exam.

Emergency Extractions: If you are aware of a tooth that required extraction but is only recently bothering you, we will assess the tooth and provide you with all of your options before we make the decision to do so.

Filling or Crown Fallen Out: If you have a filling or crown that has fallen out for whatever reason, do not delay in getting it looked at and repaired. Avoid putting hot and cold food near the area until the tooth is repaired. Sometimes the nerve can get irritated because the tooth is more exposed to the environment. Do not delay! This is often a simple fix, but the longer you delay, the more issues can arise.

Broken, Loose, or Chipped from Dental Trauma: If you have experienced any form of dental trauma that results in a broken or chipped tooth, please book an appointment to assess the tooth. Oftentimes, the nerve may or may not be involved, and simple timely intervention may possibly prevent you from more expensive treatment later.

Bleeding Gums: Bleeding gums can often be attributed to many causes; one of the most frequent causes is poor oral hygiene. Salt-water rinses can help ease the discomfort, and you can book in for an emergency exam to assess the source of the bleeding.


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